The Automatic Dog Feeder
That Lets You Watch, Talk With, And Feed Your Dog From Anywhere

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Smart Maxx HD Feeder

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Smart Maxx HD Feeder
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Our large automatic smart feeder is for dog owners with unpredictable schedules. It comes fully loaded with high-tech features that let you check on your dog remotely, so you always have complete peace of mind.
  • Automatically feeds your dog for you - Schedule regular mealtimes, so you don’t have to worry about your dog going hungry if you have to work late… or you want to grab some drinks with your friends.
  • See your dog whenever you want - The 1080p HD camera beams crystal-clear footage straight to your phone. Comes with a wide 120° viewing angle, and infrared night vision mode so you can check on them even late at night.
  • Talk with your dog from anywhere - The built-in microphone and speaker lets you listen and speak to your pet, even when you’re not home. Or, you can record a 10 second voice message of yourself that announces every mealtime - so they know you’re thinking of them.
  • Your dog will never miss a mealtime - Our auto dog feeder comes with a backup battery power supply, anti-jam technology, and smart app notifications - so they won’t go hungry.
  • Supports your dog’s healthy diet - You get total control over how often and how much your pet eats. Set your dog’s feeding schedule with just a few taps on your phone app.
  • Secure storage - Keep up to 7L of your dog’s dry food fresh and safe. No need to worry about pests getting in… Or your dog trying to knock the feeder over to get more food!
  • Simple and fast to set up - Connect the dog feeder with our phone app and set up a feeding schedule in just minutes. Seamless and no-hassle.
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Smart Maxx HD Feeder
Smart Maxx HD Feeder
Regular price $178.00
Regular price Sale price $178.00
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Made for the modern dog owner

In an ideal world, we’d all love to spend more time with our dogs.

But sadly, life doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to work, meet friends, run errands… There’s a constant rush of things to do.

Which often means leaving your beloved pet home alone - and feeling guilty as they watch you go with those big sad eyes.

But now, you can use your phone to stay connected with your dog from almost anywhere in the world. Use the inbuilt speaker to call them over to the auto feeder, manually release food for them, and watch them eat with the 1080p camera feed.

“Absolutely loving my Smart Maxx feeder!It's a breeze to use, and now I have peace of mind knowing my senior pup is getting fed on schedule even if I'm away. Stuck in traffic? No worries – I can just use my phone to pop out a snack for my best furry friend. Total game-changer!”

The best pet feeders ever!

"I finally bit the bullet and got my Dachshund a Smart Maxx feeder, and let's just say it's the best decision I've ever made! Portion control for these stubborn little sausages is now a breeze. Plus, if I run late, I don't have to stress about a grumpy, hangry wiener dog waiting at home. The camera is a great bonus too - I get to peek at my little rascal whenever I want! #dachshundlove #smartfeeder"

“I am SO glad I got a Smart Maxx feeder for my energetic Labradoodle! This dood is always hungry, and now I can keep her satisfied even if I get home late from work or our walks go extra long. Plus, with the camera, I can check in and make sure she's not getting into mischief while I'm gone. Honestly, I don't know how I managed without it! #labradoodlelife #smartdogowner”

Automatic Feeding

Up to 15 daily meals

1080p HD Video Feed

Make sure your dog is okay

2-Way Audio + Voice Recording

Talk to your dog from anywhere

Holds 7L of Kibble

Keeps food fresh

Backup Power Supply

Your dog never misses a meal

Easy To Clean

Detachable stainless steel bowl

Let them feel loved

Dogs are social creatures, and often miss you when you’re gone! Our smart feeder lets you talk to your dog live while they eat, so they know you’re watching over them, no matter where you are.

How is Penthouse Paws Different from Other Automatic Feeders?

Penthouse Paws


Anti-jam Design
Programmable Schedules
Stainless Steel Bowl
App-based Smart Device
Easy To Clean
Effortless Maintenance

The large stainless steel food bowl can be popped out for easy cleaning. Fast and no-hassle - so you can get on with more important things.

1080p HD Camera

Camera watches over your dog, so you always know how they’re doing. Comes with infrared night vision and 120° wide angle lens.

Backup Power System

4 x AA Batteries can be used as a backup power supply. So even in a power outage, your furry friend won’t go hungry.

Holds 7L of food

Our smart dog feeder secures up to 7 liters of dry kibble, keeping it crunchy and full of flavor.

Complete Peace of Mind

Make sure your pet is always safe and well-fed, even when you’re away.

Feeds your pet on a set schedule, or you can manually release food from your phone app.

HD Camera comes with night vision, you can always check in on your pet no matter how late it is.

7 Liter Capacity

Dark tinted to keep food fresh.

Anti-jam Design

Helps keep food chute clear of blockages.

1080p Camera

Adjustable angle.

Full HD Camera

Watch your pet in crystal-clear 1080p live video on your phone. Camera can be angled down to watch the food bowl.

Precisely Track Your Dog’s Diet

Get precise control over your dog’s food intake, with up to 15 daily scheduled meals. Get meal logs sent to your phone, so you always know how much they’ve had to eat.

Inside The Box:
  • Automatic Dog Feeder x 1
  • Type C USB Power Cord x 1
  • Fresh Pack x 1
  • Quick Start Guide x 1
  • User Manual


Model Number:


Meals Per Day:



7 Liters

Kibble size:

3-15mm in diameter




36.4 × 19.3 × 39.4 cm / 14.3 × 7.6× 15.5 in

Net Weight:

2.3 kg / 5 lbs


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